Rights & Obligations Of The JAAA

Roles and Obligations of Member Federations of the IAAF or The Role of the JAAA.

Ref: The Manual “Leading Athletics” published by the IAAF 2011. These are outlined in the following 5 Areas:


    • To be responsible for all aspect of athletics in their countries. Everything that happens in athletics in your country should happen under the authority of the Federation and nothing should be organized without the approval of the Federation.
    • To promote the sport of athletics and the development of an athletic culture.
    • To provide an appropriate administrative structure and services for the functioning of the federation and the sport.
    • To maintain an official list of National Records.
    • To undertake proceedings against athletes who have rendered themselves ineligible and to impose sanctions where appropriate.
    • To undertake proceedings against any individual who may have violated the rules of the Federation and to impose sanctions.


    • To obtain and manage the financial, human and technical resources required for the functioning of the federation.
    • To set budgets and maintain financial records.
    • To control expenses.
    • To arrange an audit of financial statements.


    • To maintain good relations with and provide appropriate information to athletes and other members of the federation.
    • To maintain good relations with the governmental office responsible for sports and other organizations which have an interest in athletics or may be of assistance to the federation.
    • To maintain good relations with the media in order to ensure the positive promotion of the sport and the federation’s activities.


    • To promote the development of a programme of competitions including national championships.
    • To select and organize teams to participate in international competitions.
    • To maintain a national calendar of athletics competitions.
    • To provide official sanctions for competitions including those organized by other parties.

Facilities And Equipment

    • To ensure that competition venues and equipment meet the technical specifications mandated by national and international rules.
    • To guarantee the accurate measurement of road courses used for running and race walking competitions.


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